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How we started

From a college dream and a push in the right direction, Texaglo was started with a name that means to shine bright from any direction and to be a guiding light to those who need it.

We opened our digital doors on May 31st 2021 and made a splash in a space that was still in its infancy, NFT’s. Since then, we’ve set our sights on Blockchain development and bleeding edge innovation in the tech industry.

Whats Our Vision

Texaglo envisions empowering Web3 through a decentralized CMS. Harnessing Arweave's blockchain, we're decentralizing content, enabling high-speed, no-code Web3 access for all, fostering innovation and growth.

What Are Our Services

At Texaglo, we transform your vision into reality through services like App Development, Web Design, and Blockchain technology including NFTs and Smart Contracts. With a tailored approach, we propel your business into the digital age.

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Texaglo seeks to bridge the gap between creatives, SME’s, Corporations and Web3 using blochains such as Solana and Cloud computing infrastructre from Amazon
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Texaglo Is here to provide training for those who would like to learn more about web technologies
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Texaglo Technologies Is Collaborating with Creatives and Developers to make a space that is safe and equitable to work in. Come collaborate on a project and grow your network